About Us

Devmore Holdings Inc. boasts a long and successful history.

About the Company

Based in Montreal and founded in 1976 by Abraham Stern, Devmore Holdings Inc. is a family-owned real estate holding company established for the purposes of the acquisition, management, development and construction of high-quality real estate assets in the North American market.

Image description Since its inception, Devmore's diverse portfolio of Real Estate has encompassed:
  • Residential properties, including Apartments, Condominiums and Private homes.
  • Commercial properties, including Office buildings and Retail plazas.
  • Industrial buildings, including Factory-Office multiuse property, Warehouse and Storage facilities.
  • Vacant land in various stages of zoning use.
  • Properties in Devmore's portfolio are diversely situated, including locations in Quebec, Ontario, Florida, New York, Missouri, Utah and New Mexico

    The current Directors and Management of Devmore Holdings Inc. have been in place since 1998.

    The international presence of the Devmore companies enables access to the international marketplace, including prospective investment opportunities throughout Canada, the United States, England and Israel.

    Devmore's prudent approach to real estate investment dictates that the company's involvement in any given venture will be in participation with other investors, with Devmore typically taking on the role of property manager for the investor group. With an eye to the future, Devmore Holdings Inc. is positioned well to consider offers to join in prospective real estate ventures.

    Essentials of Devmore's value approach

  • Purchasing of property at a price which will provide maximum profit potential.
  • Improvement of property using a variety of means, including land development, construction and renovation.
  • Improvement of public areas, including building lobbies and landscaping.
  • Generating revenues through prudent and efficient management
  • Effective Leasing and reduction of vacancy factor in residential, office and retail buildings.
  • Selling at the right price.

    Operating expenses and general overhead are kept low by:
  • Maintaining an on-site, hands-on presence through in-house management.
  • Keeping close contact with local trades, suppliers and professionals.
  • Conducting efficient lease negotiation with existing and prospective tenants.
  • Contestation of property taxes, successfully undertaken in Quebec and Ontario, on apartment and commercial properties as well as on vacant land.